How Smart is it?

QA offers exclusive and unique features that makes searching and exploring the Quran much easier. Through QA you can:
  1. Ask Questions in English and Arabic
  2. Explore the Quran by topics
  3. Search by meaning, for example "colors" will show verses containing "green"
  4. Search for word occurrence in verses, even if it is mentioned only as a pronoun
  5. A Navigatable Graph is shown for all other words related to the word you searched for
  6. Google-like suggestions for wrong query words
  7. Your query is enriched by adding synonyms to get more results (ex: adding Paradise for word Heaven)

Which Translation is used for the Quran

The translation used for the Quran in this website is Sahih International

How Relevance is calculated

The following three factors are used to calculate the relevance score for the result verses
  1. Number of query words (and relevant pronouns) found in the verse
  2. Number of times the terms appear in verse
  3. Whether the whole query phrase is found in the verse

Question Answering Accuracy

So far the accuracy is 33% for answering questions in English language. However this percentage is expected to be higher in the coming months after releasing the new ontology.

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